Johnny Powell and the Seasonal Beasts

Bring Back the Dying to Life

bring back the dying to life

shame on me if i dont give myself to the world

i am everybodys disciple

teaching my crippled mind while it's heavy as iron

ah you swines


so far in my dying

there has been

twice i was alive

the river shivered, then the sea screamed...

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Let's Dance in the Fire

everyone's dripping their whole lives away

the drains are so full that the towns are just sliding away

let's escape now while the going is good

let our bodies decay


let's dance in the fire


everyone's meddling, we couldn't care less!


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In the Dark Room

oh what fun we had

when our minds were wide

the expectations

almost satisfied

but the honesty was creeping in

a powerful child

the collation of wisdom

cremated, into pride

in the dark room

the terrifying prospect

of death drove us wild

providing a sanity

a ...

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If it’s all that you wanted, why didn’t you stop?

it’s there if you want it, and it’s there if not

if aim prevents my change to dust
how come it always turns to lust?

if it’s all that you wanted, why didn’t you stop?
if it’s all that you wanted, why didn’t you stop and start again?

it’s there ...

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The Last Door

i was a friend of yours
that friend with the horns
i was the last door
spiralled by thorns

i thought i knew
so i grew pictures of you
in my outer mind
and if i was your only hope
then who was mine?

there is some bliss in solitary
be careful who you try to be with
let me ...

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Almost a Normal Song

i thought i’d write a normal song
about normal things, with normal chords

it’s hard being normal
but you’ve probably got a body or something
and that helps
yeah, that helps you fit in somewhere

when you’re crying in a corner
the disconnection is real

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even though i can be bought

i cost a lot

through guilt i often lose

my sense of fair

and my schooling




her cannibalistic mind

eats away

and her kindness left dead

sacrificed for a safety net




and for all thos...

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i once was an old man

stinking of old hands

carbed up and cold i would fan

frosted emotions to stifle the damned


the thoughts that i've made and the ones that i've scattered

the garbles of growth or intuitive splatter

i fell in a hole and i came out as matter


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bone idle and bruised inside

more of a twisting pain

up tight


then the yellow drowned me out


the get-out clauses flooded in

i was faithed out

with arid sight

yellow cables dragged me out


please bless us

bless us now

for we are blind


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my friend

i meet you in a strange, familiar place


in silence

your voice is still so loud, it's pouring out


is the knowing enough?

when all the real words get stuck


you're silver

i see my self in you, and bow my head


like diam...

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