Johnny Powell and the Seasonal Beasts

12 . 02 . 18


The day has come! We've been totally immersed in recording, filming and planning for the last few months and now we can reveal some exciting secrets. Our album, 'Twice', will be released on April the 7th. Instead of spitting out some plastic CDs and leaving it at that, we've been having a LOT of fun working with a number of (mainly local) poets, artists and photographers to produce our album as a handmade book.

In the book, bound by our friend, Sarah Quick, you will find the lyrics to the 9 songs in poem form, alongside specially commissioned illustrations. We will insert download codes for the music, along with spoken word recitals of them by the selected poets.

It's been such a beautiful process and we're relieved and delighted that it's all coming together now!

Our album launch will be at ‘Artsmill’ (Hebden Bridge) on 07.04.18, and we are hoping to raise funds towards the project, so we have set up an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. In return for contributing, you can pre-order postcards, prints of the artwork and photography, live performances, and of course the handmade book itself!

The songs will also be on Spotify, and on Bandcamp as pay-as-you-feel.

You can read the full story, see the track listing, artists, photographers & poets names and browse the 'perks' on Indiegogo: